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Scale Your Advanced Manufacturing Operations


Increase of Throughput

Unlock utilization and OEE

Cost Savings

Save time and money with workflow automation
2 months

Return of Investment

For our customers average ROI is under 2 month

Advanced Manufacturing Workflow Software
powered by AI & ML

Quote management helps to spend less time quoting and more time doing manufacturing business.

Customer Quote
Customer Success Tracking
Expense and Order Tracking
Customer ROI Calculation

Ordering Portal helps to submit and manage orders with a centralized ordering platform. Supply Chain Management connects the entire supply chain for automated, distributed manufacturing.

Digital Part Inventory
Manufacturing Process
Suggestion (AI) Beta
Manufacturing Templates (AI) Beta
Use Case Screening
Inventory Analysis
Centralized Data Storage
Printability Analysis
Orientation Optimization
Project Collaboration
Version Control
CAD Integrations
Part Tagging

Digital Inventory helps to create and manage a digital inventory for your AM applications.

Custom Part Requirements
Automatic Order Management
Material and Technology
Accurate Part Pricing
Custom Part Pricing
Digital Communication Streams
Distributed Manufacturing
3D Printer Management
CNC Mill Management
Material Management
Technology Management
HR Management
User Management

Machine Connectivity allows you to connect AM machines for complete traceability. There are more than 1500+ machines supported by different levels of integration.

Custom AM Workflows
Smart Part Prioritization
Smart AM Farm Management
Post Processing Scheduling
Digital Production Planning
Part Sequence Tracking
Production Sheet Generation
Part Passport Generation
Quality Assurance
Machine Connectivity
Data Standardization

Post-Processing & Quality Management helps to manage post-processing steps and ensure quality control.

QA Scheduling
QA Process Management
QA Equipment Management
CT Scan to CAD Comparison (AI)
QA Machine Connectivity
I want to know more
ZAP - Interface
+ API Integrations, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics, Blockchain, SSO, Integrations with Legacy Systems
3D Printer Management
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Partnership Ecosystem

Data enrichment and automation through integration with market leaders in CAD, metrology, post processing and advanced manufacturing machines, such as 3D printers, CNC mills, CNC lathes, sheet metal bending, waterjet cutting, laser cutting, wire EDM, investment casting, urethane casting, die casting, injection molding and more.

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